Nearly lost my job today but was worth it, haha


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So, as i work in a Bowling Centre, we now have a Harry Potter based theme for the kids as they have broken up from school. We were told to "dress up the building" by painting Harry Potter characters onto glass, hang up posters and things related to the movie that kind of a thing.

The other day i walked into work to see members of staff, and one of the managers hanging up signs saying "The Honeydukes cafe" right above our cafe. And "The Griffindor Common Room" above reception. As i walked round, members of staff are wearing the shirt's given to them by our marketing department. Basically on this shirt, on the back it says "Lane Prefect" and on the front it says "Hollyworts" (instead of Hogwarts, how cheesy is that) along with each house name from the movie, Griffindor, Slytherin, Huffelpuff and Ravenclaw.

As I am walking round im thinking, you can't do this surely, it's copyright, but as i don't give a shit about what happens to the bollocks company i work for i said nothing.

Well, lol, today we've had a letter!

We must take down ANYTHING that remotely resembles Harry Potter, orders from Warner Bros.


Someone, I suspect, who works for Warner Bros, has reported this, and they have threatned to sue us for copyright. And if Warner Brothers sue you, you are next in the unemployment line.
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LMAO!! Love this.

Wonder why Warner Brothers just didnt take the compliment and thank you for the free advertising :lol:

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I don't think Warner takes it as a good investment for them (re: free advertising) but rather this company is getting benefits from being affiliated with the HP products and Warner is not getting a % of the profits! :)

I thought that if you change the name or make it obvious it's a spoof, you're free from liability.