Near Death Expierences


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I've dodged cars from hitting me as a little kid while in living in Serbia, to be honest I lost count, I was a wild child, who was full of energy and roamed the street I lived on, playing soccer, tiggy and all that, cars did go through it, but there are times were those maniacs just speed through.

First death expierence was when I got stabbed back in 2006, took one right into the hip, this was on the NYE, I used to hang around with the bad crowd. I spend three weeks in the hospital because of that.


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I almost died of a heart attack at the age of 23 in 2005. Then I had a bad accident in 2007. I hit the beginning part of a guardrail and lucky i did too because if I didn't, I would of went airborne over a hill where my car could of rolled over and bust into flames.


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23? Sh*t..that's actually quite scary..
I fell off a cliff once..bad times..landed in a bush halfway down though...good times?
I almost drowned when I was a kid swimming in my parents pool. My dad and sister pulled me out right as I was about to faint underwater.