NCAA on verge of 68 team tournament


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Well here's something I wasn't expecting

The NCAA plans to expand the men's basketball tournament from 65 to 68 teams beginning next year and announced a new, $10.8 billion broadcasting deal with CBS and Turner Broadcasting on Thursday that will allow every game to be shown live for the first time.

The men's tournament last expanded in 2001, adding one team to the 64-team field that was set in 1985. Talk of tweaking March Madness again generated a lot of chatter from fans worried about watering down the competition and those fearing the additional bracket guesswork involved in predicting a winner.

Less than four weeks ago, turning the NCAA's signature event into a 80- or even a 96-team field seemed like all but a done deal.

During the Final Four, NCAA vice president Greg Shaheen talked extensively about the plans to go to 96, saying the three-week event would start two days later and eliminate the play-in game. But more games would have been added to Week 2, and that caused concerns about how much class time the athletes would miss.
NCAA on verge of 68-team men's tournament - ESPN

I'm all for the idea, it doesn't make the tournament too long and it adds a couple more games which I am all for. So what do you think about this.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
So basically there would be four "play-in games" instead of the one that they currently have. I like it better than 96 teams, but 96 is inevitable in the next few years anyway. There is no reason to go from 65 to 68. All it does is allow three extra undeserving teams from power conferences into the tournament. And now eight conference winners from small conferences will have to play in stupid play-in games just to get to the real tournament while those three extra undeserving power conference teams are already in the final 64. I hate the NCAA.