NBC Submarining US Nationalism?


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Sparse/Selective Olympic TV Coverage
Is it a subtle attack against US nationalism?:confused:

Has anyone seen any of the Women's or Men's soccer games?:confused:


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I honestly don't care to see any of those matches.Soccer isn't my thing, but if you have Direct TV you can see all the events on 6 different channels covering all of the Olympic games.

It never fails the event that i want to see comes on while I am sleeping.
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Am I the only one that finds the OP both confusing and seemingly fascist?

I'm boycotting the Olympics as is, so I couldn't comment on the supposed media bias. Gut instinct: bullshit.


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You're kidding right? Boycotting? Give me a break. I've seen both womans and mens soccer as well as every other crazy sport that I may not care about.