They finally changed the playoff seeding thing. The giving up one full time out to become a 20 in the last minute is kinda dumb.

NEW YORK, August 2, 2006 – The National Basketball Association has enacted several significant rules changes that will go into effect for the upcoming 2006-07 season:

Playoff Seeding:
# The first four seeds in each conference will continue to be given to the three division winners and the team with the next best regular season record, but these four teams will now be seeded in order of their regular season records. Among other things, this change will ensure that the two teams with the best records in the conference will not meet earlier than the Conference Finals.

Shortening Timeouts:
# If a team has two 60 second timeouts left in the last two minutes of regulation or in overtime, one of the two timeouts will be shortened to a 20 second timeout.
# Instead of having three 60 second timeouts in overtime, teams will have two 60's and one 20 second timeout. Teams will no longer be permitted to carry over a 20 second timeout from regulation into overtime.

Increase in Playoff Roster Size:
# Playoff roster size will be expanded from 13 to 15 players, with each team designating 12 active players and up to three inactive players prior to each game.

“Our owners are intent on making the playoff seeding more fair for all teams going forward and in quickening the pace of the end of games,†said Stu Jackson, NBA Executive Vice President, Basketball Operations. “The Board also thought it made sense to allow teams to utilize the same 15-man roster in the playoffs that they use during the regular season.â€

The rules changes were recommended by the Rules and Competition Committee at its annual meeting in June, and approved this week by a vote of the Board of Governors


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I am glad with the new rules that the NBA as instated. It's nothing big but it will sure improve the game. They didn't add a new rule that the Coach can call a timeout now?


yeah....these rules seem'll change the game a bit...its not soooo big...but its pertty good rules..

Vince Carter:

yeah...i really think that would be better...if the coach can call a time-out? but...coaches would call too


oxyMORON said:
I think I'll like the new playoff rules now. Mavs have been getting tough breaks year after year.
The Mavs have lost every year.

I am actually very glad to hear this. The previous playoff seeding was pretty crappy especially last year.


A Darker Knight
The Mavs HAVE lost every year, but they got lucky this year by beating San Antonio AND Phoenix. I just think this new format will prevent tough match-ups like these. Dominate teams need to be spread out.

Dr. Fresh

Mmmm.... Lesbians.
Finally they change a rule about the seeding formats and playoff matches. Otherwise, good teams would continually face each other in the 1st and 2nd rounds.