NBA Reinstates Joey Crawford


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RealGM Staff Report -
NBA referee Joey Crawford has been reinstated to the officiating staff, NBA Commissioner David Stern announced today. Crawford was suspended indefinitely on April 17, for improper conduct toward Tim Duncan during the San Antonio Spurs -Dallas Mavericks game on April 15.

"Based on my meeting with Joey Crawford, his commitment to an ongoing counseling program, and a favorable professional evaluation that was performed at my direction, I am satisfied that Joey understands the standards of game management and professionalism the NBA expects from him and that he will be able to conduct himself in accordance with those standards," said Stern.


Aw, Here It Goes!
Not surprised he's a great ref, just not too bright upstairs. He can control his temper sometimes which really makes him look like an amatuer at times.


yeah, he lost his head, SO WHAT? If happens to the best of us...I still think it was funny seeing the look on Tim Duncan's face when Joey ejected him from the game!