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  1. Does anybody have some up-to-date info on this story? Not many of you have heard about this because only select few teams have been 'practicing' overseas so Stern can learn how feasible it is to start having NBA games overseas.

    The story: Supposedly Stern is seriously considering adding TWO teams around the 2010 season in Europe. Obviously, for ratings, London is almost an immediate addition if this works out.
    The plan: Stern said that a team could do an East Coast game like vs. Knicks...then have two days off to fly to London (or wherever in U.K.) play two games there (that's why he wants 2 make it worth the trip), and come back home with a couple of days off to re-adjust.
    Why hasn't it been talked about more?: Only Spurs and a few other teams have been willing to have their training camps in France and Europe...etc.
    But, if you follow Spurs in training'd know that Duncan and Co. have reported that Stern has specifically asked them to travel to Paris to "see how they feel" and get an idea if a team could realistically travel for games overseas.
    I know this is part of the Basketball Without Borders...but Stern has been using these training camps as a sort of lab for his idea.

    Honestly, it would be the first time an NBA champ was an NBA WORLD Champion. Of course, people like Cuban hate these overseas camps and would obviously oppose traveling mid-season for games overseas.
    I think that's why this has been such a non-issue. Stern wants the feedback without firing everybody up just yet.

    If anybody has any new info on this...please post. We'd be crazy to DREAM the NBA is gonna pass up on all the money to be made in overseas games.

    With Manu, Dirk, Yao...etc. the league could draw some BIG crowds if they took their stars overseas. No talks.

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    I haven't heard anything either lately, but I know there's been talks but nothing serious yet. I know that the Raptors will have there trainning camps in Spain and Italy next season because of Calderon and Garbo and on Bargnani.

    Personally I think a lot of players would dislike the idea of adding a team overseas because of the traveling. Players already complain about traveling so much, imagine if they do had a team in London, lots of players would whine even more.
  3. Celtic Fan

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    making such a long trip for 2 games wouldn't work.
    recovery from jet lag would be abysmal.
    best bet is to have a European conference with 8-12 teams to make such a trip conceiveable.
    Or have 18-28 teams and have a Euro-champ and North American champ and have them play in the finals.
    or have the final 4 teams from each side of the ocean match up 1/2 here 1/2 over there and work it down..
    somethin' like that.
    2 teams... not a good idea IMO.
  4. You're right 2 teams would be a bad idea. Whatever happens...NBA games will draw HUGE crowds anywhere they play overseas.

    I think the NBA players might also like the idea of TRULY being WORLD Champions. Right now their honestly just North American Champs.
  5. oxyMORON

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    I agree with the whole "world" champions thing.

    Traveling so far is pretty difficult. There'd be a big advatnage to home teams. Teams returning would have a disadvantage too. Imagine of one of the European teams made the playoffs! :scared:

    craziness ;)
  6. Damm...I hadn't even THOUGHT about what if a European team won the champ. That would be far off.....but yah...Americans would be pissed.

    Seriously though Oxy.....we're talking about LOADS and LOADS of cash just waiting to "get got" by Stern and the NBA.

    With that much money on the line....I think the NBA would happily tell it's players get on a plane and shut up or get out of the NBA.
    The NBA is all about you take the challenge or wimper? This would revolutionize the NBA.
  7. oxyMORON

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    What I meant about playoffs was the amount of travel. Two here, two there, one here, one there, one here, one there etc. There would be even more to coplain about from losing teams' fans/owners, etc. I don't think the NBA wants to deal with that. It might actually give the NBA an even worse name.

    No doubt the NBA would rake in more money, but I doubt they would really tell players to deal with it or get out. I bet if Wade or LeBron disagreed, they'd they'd trash the idea. :rolleyes:
  8. True, true Oxy....I mean the playoffs is definately a SORE spot I hadn't thought about. It's true that these new teams wouldn't be playoff bound for at least a few years (just think Bobcats and other new additions)...but yah...once these teams became playoff would be LOUD complaining.

    Whoever loses could use the old 'it was the refs' excuse and NOW they could also was the travel!

    Ya know what else Oxy? I just remembered ALL the times I heard foreign ballers talk about how American crowds are 'soft' compared to European crowds who throw batteries and cell phones at players they don't like.
    Yup, this might not work. I don't think Europeans want to be strip-searched for American entertainment. I was blinded by the cash....but your right.
  9. oxyMORON

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    Like that one Columbian soccer player years ago that was shot dead for accidentally scoring in his own goal? :scared:

    oh wait, that isn't European, but same thing...
  10. Are you serious? Dead for a bad goal? DAmm...yah it seems like overseas people have less distractions than Americans. They can just get obsessed over ONE game, it's crazy.

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