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Naughty pictures/texts


Sally Twit
Do you ever/have you ever send/sent naughty pictures or text messages to someone?

I know this is a very personal question but I am asking because my friend showed me a picture of her boyfriend's penis. I wasn't expecting it and I was so shocked that she showed me!
She literally said, "Look at this!" and pushed this photo in my FACE of her boyfriend's ginger pubes.

So I guess this can be a two-part question. If you do send photos/messages, would you ever share them with friends?

I have things on my phone I wouldn't want other people to see. The other day I went to visit my friend as she had a baby and the friend I went with took a photo of me with my phone. I freaked out that he picked my phone up as he didn't know how to work it. I was scared of what he'd see!


Creeping On You
I've never sent anyone pictures of my penis before. Never really had any reason too, I've always considered it kinda gross haha. (I know, i'm a prude :lol:) I've had girls send me pictures of their boobs before. Always a nice treat, but unless I'm drunk, or they offer, I never ask for them. I'm just far to polite I guess. If I had a girlfriend? Well...maybe. If thats the sort of thing she likes to do, then maybe I'd send some pics. I'd still be worried about who else was seeing them though.


I ♥ Haters
My answer to this would be NEVER. I have never sent any guy I’ve ever dated a dirty picture. And you shouldn't either because it won’t end well. When people break up, their no-no bits end up on the internet. Don’t do it unless you're 100% certain that you trust your significant other. I dated this guy for about 2 or 3 week and he sent me a picture of his junk once. I’m not exactly sure why tho, it’s not like he had anything to show off.


Registered Member
I've only ever sent pics back and forth or "naughty texts" with one girl that I've been with. Other then that, I haven't sent anything to any other girl.


yellow 4!
no, but my friend has done the same as yours. well actually, it's more like she split up with her boyfriend and then showed all of us pictures of him in costumes/her underwear/naked and posing etc, LOL. to be honest, I found it quite amusing at the time because he was always such a dick (NPI) to her and all of her friends. but regardless, at the end of the day I think it's wrong to show others even after breaking up, but equally I think it's just as dumb to send them to people you don't 100% trust.


Problematic Shitlord
For obvious reasons, I don't send pics of myself and I would delete photos if my girlfriend sent them because you simply can't get caught if you don't do it.


Registered Member
I have NEVER sent or received a naughty photo on the phone or online, myself. The closest thing to "nudity" has been me with my shirt off to show my tat. That's about--


...somewhere lurking out there in the digital fathoms might be, MIGHT be a grainy camera-phone photo of my backside in my ex's panties for giggles. She might have sent it to her friend--I forget. It was 2 years ago. Now I'm paranoid. :shifteyes:


rainbow 11!
omg steg lol

I have boob pics and I have sent them, but I make sure to delete them. I might keep them initially out of lazyness to delete them... But they are the first things I delete if I decide to clean the junk out of my picture folder.

GOD. I was in the hospital with some coworkers, visiting a friend and I was looking for a picture of my dog. and you can see thumbnails of all of the pictures I am scrolling through and one happened to be boobies from a friend... and... well, a coworker looked over my shoulder to see if I found the picture of Jacob and happened to see that thumbnail. It was so embarrassing. lol I am scared to tell the person in case they get mad, but I deleted that picture right away.
you know, I do have a picture of a guy dressed as lady gaga saved on chrome and I can't remember where it's from. it looks like my sister's ex husband, Ryan. and it makes me lol so much
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Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I never sent a picture of my privates/ass to anyone and I'll never do so since it might bite me in the ass(pun intended) later on. I've sent pictures of my chest/abs before but I made sure my face wasn't in the picture.

I've received a lot of naughty pictures from girls in the past, but I've always deleted them after a while. I would never make them public, but I've shown a few friends.

I've sent and received a ton of naughty text, probably close to 300-400 of them in total. Mostly were drunk text. I'm pretty bad with naughty text when I drink.


No Custom Title Exists
Never sent any private photos of myself but have received. As for naughty texts, who hasn't?