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I bring this up because I live in New England and we are having some crazy rain problems right now. My basement flooded, the roads are treacherous, rivers are overflowing, and sewage is seeping into the streets. I fear that it's going to get worse and worse as tomorrow comes. We're supposed to get almost a foot more of rain until Tuesday. This is the first time I've been in any situation even close to disaster, but I wanted to know if anyone here has gone through similar times.


Yeah It's been raining really badly here too (northeast ohio) What's up with this? I live in a sort of high area of town so I'll be ok but this rain is really getting bad. At one point to day it sounded like hail but it was just really heavy rain. Getting kind of scary with the talk of global warming.


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Yeah, a whole box of my dorm room things got trashed including my phone, alarm clock, printer, and Laptop docking station, to name a few. It sucks because there's just not a whole lot you can do.
Sorry to see you guys going thru that up there. But I know what your going thruough very shortly Hurrican Season '06 will be in full effect and knocking on my door ( I live in Florida) So soon I will see the power outages and the damage to other homes and having no good lazy relative bum about in my place or residence for shelter from the storm.

I wish you the best of luck and hope that you are prepared for the real wind down Is your power still on? What has been effected in your house hold with all that flooding? Are you on a boil water alert? Is there no stores to get supplies or anything? Were you all prepared? What are your plans after the rains stop? Any plans in effect for your city?

Keep me posted

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I've been through a couple tornado's and hurricanes when not at home, was kinda fun.


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Hopefully the rain stops soon. We got off and on showers here in NYC. They said on the news that Hurricane season '06 will be bad for the east cost, specifically NJ and NY.


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I live maybe a couple miles from Merc, and where we live it's been raining for the past week non-stop, and I'm not exaggerating. We have gotten enough rain to measure in feet and flooding in some areas.

In some parts of East Mass and NH its been declared a state of emergency. School has been canceled for 2 days because of this weather and it might be for a third.

In some parts of town there has been so much flooding that stores and mini-malls have closed. And thats just from the rainfall alone. With the rivers we have in the area many roads have been closed because of hazardous conditions.

My house has taken a HUGE hit from this weather in more ways than one...

First off I live in a split-level house (for those of you who don't know, that means that my house has 2 floors and one of them is below ground level). All of downstairs in my house (which includes my basement, 2 living rooms, and computer room) has gotten near 3 inches of water. The carpet in all the rooms downstars are wrecked and have to be taken out, all electronics downstairs are not destroyed, but right now unusable.

and to top it all off we just started having a new kitchen put in last week, which means we have half a working kitchen, a dining room with no chairs and work tools laying on it, a living room upstairs with all the dining room chairs (among other various objects and furniture), and walls with wet paint.

....Yeah, conditions suck, in a nutshell.
These were back around New Years, from about 15 mins north of where I live back home.
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Everyone I know has been talking about how bad the rain is around here and complaining. Then I tell them how New England has been and they shut up. You still doing good, Mercenary? Has there been any change? It hasn't rained here too much today.