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This should probably be in Computer Games.

I think Cyber Nations (www.cybernations.net) is much better, as it allows you to control every aspect of your country while Nation states is basiclly a long questionare on your political views.


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I play both.


My nationstates owns Jamesworld. 50 mil v. 1.9 billion.



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NS v. CN is a often-debated thing, but it depends what you want. If you want pure political theory mixed in with humor, NS is the place to go. If you want to manage money and wage war, CN is better. However, CN's community is terrible because everyone is in a constant need of money and resources, so it's mechanical and heartless. NS has much better roleplay and conversation, because besides raiding regions (I used to be the head of the Zurich Army, a region defending organization) there isn't much to do.

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Cyber Nations for the WIN! How many of y'all play CN? If you do, you should check out the alliance that I and Kaz are in: Cross-X Alliance. We don't have much members (33, to be exact), but we're a strong bunch, real strong. Sign up and register on our forums at: http://cxa.drogulus.org. It'd be pretty cool to have some F-C members that play CN in our alliance.

I used to play NS, but then I got busy in the summer and I forgot about it and it got deleted =/ I haven't started it up again since I found CN. It takes up a lot of my time anyway.