National Bankruptcy Day - another ban story


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There's been a theme here lately about gov. banning stuff "for your own good". Be it building a giant snowman or drilling oil, the foolishness never ends. The new thing is children's toys and clothes.
This is the story. Couple of years ago some lead paint got into toys from China, so now all batches of toys and clothes, new and used have to be tested. No problem for Walmart. They send 500,000 Barbies across America. All they need to do is pull a few for testing. The problem is smaller stores that carry a wide range of used toys and clothing. Since each item is unique, it is a batch and has to be tested at a few hundred dollars. No more kids toys and clothes at Goodwill. No more kids consignment sores. No more ebay sellers selling to the under 12 market. No more Play it Again Sports. :shake:
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Someone posted something about that on Facebook. I can't believe they are extending this to used clothes.


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I think we should change Uncle Sam's name to Mama Samantha or some shit like that. Put him in an apron and have his logo be "I WANT YOU to go to your room!"