National Anthem


Sultan of Swat
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What do you think of your National Anthem? Do you think it's necessary to have a National Anthem? Do you agree that you have to show respect to the National Anthem?

In other words what are your thoughts on the National Anthem?


For a Free Scotland
The Star Spangled Banner is archaic, violent, and hard to sing. I hate it. America the Beautiful is a far better song.

No, I don't think one has to respect any anthem or pledge if they object to the the country in question. I don't really feel like praising a flag that's flying in places it never should have.


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If you are so ashamed to be an American then there are plenty of other countries that will let you move there. Some might not let you leave though. Some might also kill you for saying anything against their flag or government.


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No, nobody should ever have to respect the national anthem. I think they should stop singing/playing it at sporting events, especially since a lot of players aren't even American.


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I have never really thought about it before.

Everyone that is legally living in this country is an American so that's one good point, they are American because they are citizens not neccasarily Americans by birth.

I think that it's totally fine to sing it but of course I don't ever remember the words when I am required to sing it.

Hybrix is right if you don't like the National Anthem then you can always move away, it's not like it's religious or anything like the pledge of allegiance is, if the government wants to make us sing it fine by me it doesn't effect anybody in bad ways.


Sultan of Swat
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I don't mind them playing at the sporting events, but what really bothers me is when a person boo the National Anthem. It doesn't bother me if they don't remove their caps, or don't stand up, but when they start booing it that's just disrespectful.

I dont want to blame anyone but it's usually the Americans booing the Canadian National Anthem.


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I like America's anthem but I think the Canadian national anthem is awesome and is better but that's my opinion


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Excessive nationalism makes me itchy and uncomfortable. I don't mind the national anthem, but as a proud member of a nation founded by treasonists, I think anyone who wants me to bend knee to king and country can get fucked.