Natalya, Michelle and Maryse

Would you do them?

Na, that's not what this topic is about... Unless... Err... I was wondering why was Maryse going after the DiVa's championship when it's so clear that it should be Natalya? When Maryse was having a match with Michelle after she won, I thought it would just be a one night thing and Michelle would move onto Natalya to feud. Maryse doesn't make much sense.

Do you think they're trying to give Michelle a win to defend her championship first, THEN for the next PPV take on Natalya?


Sultan of Swat
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First of yes I defenitely do all of them.

Back to the topic, I believe that Natalya will defenitely get her shot soon, she's the most gifted female wrestler in the business, she deserves the title. But has of right now the WWE is giving Maryse a bit of a push that's all.


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I would also do them all...on more then one occasion if possible.

I think Natalya is in line for a serious run as champion eventually. Maryse is the transitional girl to see how she does and she does well then maybe she gets her shot later on.