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Nash Goes Tweeting Nuts


Lion Rampant
Picked this up from rajah.com:
you can say what you want about me I don't give a F*CK ,but to ever question my integrity we no longer have a business relationship.
and to the person that said every September I go to work for my self ,f*ck you you didn't even see it.mid card bullshit neverbeens f*ck you
You want to go to war with the best, hope you f*ckers don't live in glass houses. sorry to the33'276 that have no idea what I'm ranting 4
Jason Heary made me tweet that guess you have to stayed tune after impact 4 the answers
deal is up Oct. 12 midnight then no one can f*ck with me .
I'm a f*cking man not some green horn boy .you don't like what I do fine .Pay me the dates you owe me .let my accounts look at the books
RVD said Jeff hardy and him are rock stars[COLOR=red ! important][COLOR=red ! important][COLOR=red ! important][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] ,in my prime I was selling out 30'000 plus seat domes they can't draw 1000 on the road .WTF
I will work out my TNA contract anbd see what life brings me ,to my fans I love you and words can never explain what you mean to me.
going to take some time off twitter , will still read tweets[COLOR=red ! important][COLOR=red ! important][/COLOR][/COLOR] just need to decompress away from the wrestling world. much love .....Kev

When asked by a fan if he plans on staying in TNA, Nash responded, "No, moving on."
This is precisely the kind of WCW-esque swan dive that as a grubby little malcontent I love to see. Give me more of that clique's public image self-destruction! <3


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I just read these tweets five minutes ago. Doesn't surprise me one bit, he never took cretisim all that well. I wonder if he's actually going to leave TNA.

The one thing that I do agree with him though is the RVD/Hardy comment, but the only thing is that when that was happening for Nash WWF/WCW were peaking. People don't really care for TNA(for the most part.)


Where is my Queen?
First of all TNA is all about young talent, just like Hogan said on Impact a couple of weeks ago. Kevin Nash honestly needs to get his head out of his ass. The clique days are over, he needs to give the younger guys a push. I don't think that he will come back to the WWE because Vince wouldn't want to put up with that bullshit. Kevin Nash still thinks that he is the shit, but in reality he is getting old and should start thinking about retiring. I have all the respect for Nash but his mindset is not in the right spot.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Crazy stuff. I liked having Nash around still, but whatever works for him and the company. He's still really entertaining on the stick, I'd love to see him go to WWE as a manager.
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