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NASCAR Season Finale


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Figured we could get a little discussion going on the Season Finale. With one race to go, only Carl Edwards (leader) and Tony Stewart (-3 points) can win the Championship. The next closest to Carl Edwards is Kevin Harvick (-51), which mathematically he has absolutely no chance of winning even if both Edwards and Stewart finished 42nd and 43rd.

I'm just glad to see Tony Stewart in the hunt for the Championship. Even at the beginning of the Chase, he made the comment that "we shouldn't even be here" and he was right. His team got extremely lucky to have been in the top 12 and even they didn't expect to be anywhere in the hunt. That all changed with back-to-back wins to start the chase and back-to-back wins two and three races ago.


I was hoping for Johnson to win his 6th straight, but since that is no longer possible... I'm rooting for Stewart. I'm not really a fan of either of the top two drivers, but I suppose Stewart is the lesser of two evils & at least he's entertaining. Haha.


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Carl Edwards is from Missouri so I have to root for him in this one...

I won't watching because I'm not that interested in the sport but I'd love it if he won it.


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This was definitely one of the most exciting Chases that I've ever seen and I'd love for someone to try and say they can find a better one. The final standings of the Chase.

Tony Stewart 2403 points
Carl Edwards 2403 points

It all came down to a tie beaker and Tony had 5 wins to Carl's 1.

Tony won and Carl finished in second place in the finale.
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