NASCAR nextel chase cup series interesting turns

right turns!

:lol: just kidding. So if anyone has been following this years chase for the sprint cup they'll know Jimmie Johnson #48 is ahead in the cup standings by 106 points over number two Carl Edwards #99 and 143 points over Carls teammate Greg Biffle #16.

At the last race the dickies 500 at Texas motor speedway carl led the most laps and had an exciting finish, going 103 laps without refueling (he was about two laps over what it should have gotten) and won by over 10 seconds against the number two finisher and Jimmie Johnson teammate Jeff Gordon #24. Exciting finish mostly because this closed the points gap between Carl and Jimmie over 77 points. Jimmie finished a lap down at 15th position earning him 60 less points than carl. Biffle finished 5th

With only two races to go, Phoenix and Homestead, this is turning out to be quite a close chase for the cup between Carl, "The Bif", and Jimmie. The next two tracks are "The Bif"'s best tracks, he's won three times in the last four years at homestead, and both Rouch Fenway drivers (Carl and Biffle) have excelled while Jimmie has struggled, finished 7th last year at homestead. It will be an exciting race and hopefully if the Rouch drivers can close the gap to within 100, as high as 102 points, after Phoenix it looks like Jimmie won't be going three for three in cups after all.

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Its good to see Gordon breaking his winless streak. A handful more wins and he'll find himself 3rd all-time in wins.

And even with the not-so-spectacular start, I still think Johnson will grab another championship, no one in that sport is touching this guy. I think the top 3 drivers at the end of the season will be Johnson, Edwards and Gordon.