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NASCAR: Greatest Driver Ever?


Who do you think is the best race car driver of all-time? You can choose from any series you'd like (Sprint Cup, Nationwide Series or the Camping World Trucks Serier).


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I don't think we can name this person until after Jimmie Johnson retires because since he's come into the Cup, he's dominated. He's going for a 4-peat this year. Not trying to take anything from the Late D.E.

Don't let anyone think different though, Tony Stewart is my favorite driver.


My favorite driver, Jeff Gordon, would have to be considered. 82 wins, 4 championships when the sport was becoming more competitive is nearly as impressive as Petty's 200 wins. He isn't the same dominant driver he used to be, but I can see him ending his career as the third most winningest driver of all-time.

But yes, Johnson is just a winning machine. Unless something happens to that team, who's to say he can't 5-peat? He is just impressive.


Sultan of Swat
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I'd say Tom Petty was a hell of a driver, but so was the Terminator. Its hard to choose on who the best Nascar driver of all time was, because its so difficult to rank different drivers, you'll always have your top drivers then it's the rest of the bunch. But if I had to choose one it would be between Petty or Terminator.


Son of Liberty
My vote is going to Richard Petty, He's got 8 Championships and over 200 wins..... yeah his wins came at an era that probably isnt as competitive as it is today, but IMO thats exactly what it is, Opinion. I'm sure Richard Petty if put in this Era could still dominate. I mean come on, 200 wins!


Tom Petty can sing, but can he drive? Ha. And who is the "The Terminator"? Are you thinking of Richard Petty and Dale "The Intimidator" Earnhardt?

Petty & Earnhardt were legends and pioneers, so it's hard to stray from them when picking the greatest racer of all-time.

I think it comes down to Gordon, Earnhardt, and Petty (for now), with Jimmie Johnson added to that equation (possibly) if he keeps racing the way he is.


Johnson has won 3 of the 5 Chase races and is pretty much on coast mode for his fourth straight title.

Too bad Nascar gets overlooked, because this is super impressive and not a very easy accomplishment.


Since my last post, Johnson won his fourth straight championship and has now won 3 of the first 5 races this season. The man is unstoppable.

I believe he was the fourth fastest to 50 wins as well.
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