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NASA's 3D food printers. How could this ever be possible?


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LINK What the hell? How could this ever be possible? I understand the concept of 3D printing, but only to an extent. Doesn't it have to use matter to create matter? How could a 3D food printer create food? Would you load it with the ingredients and it's prepare it? So many questions. MIND BOGGLING.
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That's some pretty amazing stuff. I just looked it up on google and found that they've already successfully created cookie dough and chocolate. Obviously they're hopin to get more advanced than that.

I guess it works by using the basic building blocks of food and nutrients and chemically combining them.

Pretty awesome idea, it has the potential to solve world hunger if it works as they expect it to one day. Could also solve the big problem with expanding farmland and environmental issues. Theoretically this machine can produce food at little to no cost in the long run.


This isn't too mind boggling for me. I've been looking into 3D printing for many years now and this just seems like a natural progression. I would eat food that was 3D printed.


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If safe, I would eat 3D printed food however, thousands of businesses would shut down because 3D printing food is taking over. Not good for the economy.