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Naruto Vs Sasuke 2?....when!!



i'm new to this forum but i'm going crazy wit these fillers in Naruto.... they need to make it more action again like when Gaara and Lee fought or Naruto and Sasuke 1st fought.... they need to get bac to the story line....how does every1 else feel?


yes im a bit tired of these fillers aswell... i do think they will end soon though.. Well at least I hope, but gara vs lee wasnt the best fighting scenes though.. the best were the third hokage vs orochimaru.. or when Gara fought that one dude with the bones.. o yea but naruto vs sasuke was preety cool too <D


Registered Member
I swear I am out of the loop. THis is what I get for not watching the show as often. When did they fight?



After posting I've notice that there is a thread of the same nature. Please post there. Who ever mods this can you please delte this thread or fuse it with the other one.
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