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naruto vs dbz.......



Milk said:
Right now it's DBZ no problem.

Z-fighters would own Narutards. :D
I guess they would considering that they are unstoppable aliens that have enough power to destroy an entire galaxy. lol By character comparison it is a mismatch.


[insert quote; I'm too lazy to quote the user]

The character's in naruto are becoming more powerful. Who know's if their abilites will escalate to a DBZ scale. This could be the dragonball of our decade. It's true the creator Masashi Kishimoto stated he doesn't intend to make his characters as powerful as Goku, but I'm sure Akira Toriama didn't intend on taking his series that far either.
I think it's easy to compare the two. DBZ is much older... that's retro shit. How can I not prefer naruto. ;)


Registered Member
I like DB(Z-GT) just for the simple fact that they fight more and more intensely. How ever Naruto is more reasonable in a since. Aside from all the crap the show isn't have bad. It gives nice plot twist and if you have the patients to watch the show a ray of things can become appealing twords you.


hard to compare.. DBZ powers go all wack and stuff
They have like 20 x more power than naruto characters and they can frikken blow up a whole planet! so you would know who would win
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