Naruto better include some really amazing stuff

Discussion in 'Anime' started by merob, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. merob

    merob Boom!

    after these fillers play out.
    I understand the developers had a lot of work on thir hands, but it's still going to take a lot of work to redeem themselves for this trash I've been watching for the last six months. Freaking courier ninja? come on now, this is hardly amusing. I'm sure it's eaiser to think up concepts better then what they've submitted so far. The cheap animations are do-able. Cheep animations + bad story = Junk

  2. the fillers finanly end at 181, then the best shit alive starts, i didnt read on, but i hear things and i know how the real eps will start
  3. Henskie

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    ....Trust me I read the manga and they will more than redeem themselves with he non filler episodes
  4. acidmix

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    just let me know when that is so I know when to start watching again ok
  5. lol. well i can't wait to the no-filler eps start. I've been trying to stick with it thought through all these weeks. sometimes the comedy part kinda keeps me there. for instance, the ramen episode: at first it seemed kinda stupid, but the it started getting funny. that's the only reason why i even bother with all of the fillers.
  6. Vegito728

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    From what you guys are saying it sounds like Naruto is going to get awesome. I can't wait till then but I have been watching all the fillers. Kinda used to fillers since I watch Inuyasha. :)
  7. merob

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    The comedy eps. were great (for fillers), with the exception of the money eps. That shit was so stupid. I heard a lot of crazy things about the manga, and with all the hype, my friends tell me the show hasn't approached a real climax yet. I'm worried the anime team isn't going to make every episode worth while. During the regular series, the drawings were less the spectacular (understandablely, since the series took off the way it did). However, with all this time to get the ball rolling, my eyes and ears better fall off like i was mister potato.
  8. the shippuden episodes use better graphics and the story really sets off
    loads better then the fillers and even part one, trust me
  9. Iceghs

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    I dont think everything is a filler in what we are in now.

    You have character least.
  10. Henskie

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    I love shipuden it is definely the best of naruto...

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