Movies Napoleon Dynamite: Love or Hate it?

Napoleon Dynamite: Love or Hate it?

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Alright this thread was inspired by a few other threads recently where people mentioned Napoleon Dynamite as either good or bad.

I don't think it' possible to "tolerate" Napoleon Dynamite. You either appreciate it or you don't.

I for one appreciate it. It was very unique and was just the right mix of extremely dry humor and moderately dry humor. ;)

I'm a big fan of "The Office", and Napoleon Dynamite has a similar type of humor. Humor that isn't made obvious during the movie by actors cracking a smile or a laugh track. Nobody points it out as the movie goes but instead it's left completely to the audience to catch the funny parts or ironic situations.

If you've only seen it once you will probably hate it. I thought it was pretty much the worst movie ever made when I first watched it. After about 6 months later though I was telling some people about it and realized that I liked it more than I had remembered. I watched it again and it was so much funnier the second time. It's actually quite genius how all of the characters are so well thought out, even to minor movements or the way they are sitting in certain scenes. Sure the haters will just say it's a lame movie without a plot, but that's the whole point. It's just a slice of dry life and isn't meant to be overly funny. It's meant to be one of those movies that you have to rewind periodically as you realize something hilarious just happened. Not the type of movie where the comedy is handed to you on a plate.

I mean come on now:

Either you love it or you hate it. Which category are you?


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I like it, I wouldn't say that I love it though.

I love the part where the farmer kills that cow in front of the buss full of children. :lol:


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Yeah, It's actually pretty good.

Before I saw it, half my mates were like, it's shit, la di da, then I saw it for myself, it's pretty good. I love it.
My oldest daughter watched this so much I could probably recite the movie from memory.

Weeks after watching it, I'd go to the grocery store, and my girls would ask me what I bought and I'd say "bought? No. I caught you a delicious bass"


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I appreciate it. I don't think I need to watch it again, but I thought it was pretty funny. I loved the goofy music.


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I've seen it three times.

Each time I would have chewed on glass quicker than watch it again. I gave it chances and every chance I've given I've regretted.


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Hated it. We heard it was the funniest thing ever so we went to the movie theater to see it. I am actually more upset over the 2 hours of my day I lost in watching it then the money I spent on it. There is nothing good about it and I can't stand that people are quoting it all the time.


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I thought it was okay the first time I watched it and then slowly grew into hating it more and more.


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Couldn't stand it, it made no sence, not once did I laugh in the movie. I've watched it twice, and Cons said it best, I regreted watching it again. At first it looked funny by the trailer and such. But it was simply horrible and boring.