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Napoleon Dynamite cooks Thanksgiving Quasadillas


Secret Agent
Staff member
So I'm a fan of the movie Napoleon Dynamite, but I'm sick of people who make videos like this. This guy actually has a bunch of impersonation videos on YouTube (you might recognize him at the end of this video), but he really tries too hard to use movie quotes in this one.

He tries WAY too hard.

YouTube - Thanksgiving with N. Dynamite

So many attempted movie references ruin this. It should have been maybe a minute or two max. He does look the part though so that's what saves his performance.


Well-Known Member
at first I thought that it was John Heder until I heard the line about the shotgun killing the turkey and realized that it was not him, at least he sounds like Napoleon or else it wouldn't have been good in any way.


Food Whore
Wow, that was a good imitation. And god that quesadilla looked good.... (but thats just the lack of real mexican food talking there.)

Apparently, you can just put a bowl of batter into the oven and *poof* there is a pie


I am Heavy Weapons Guy
This is a pretty lame video. However, he does look like Napoleon.