3ds ~nanostray~


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
First off i wanted to say thanks Samus for showing me this game.

A bit about the game for those of you who haven't seen it.

One of the best looking, most exciting shooters ever!

NANOSTRAY will put you in the pilot's seat and deliver a fast paced, futuristic, shoot-em-up gameplay experience unlike anything else on a hand held system. Get ready cause the enemy is getting ready to swarm.

This explosive 3-D shooter with a diverse arsenal designed to decimate the enemy.

The Touchscreen features include boss scanning, on -the-fly weapon selection and live radar.

The game has 2-player head-to-head wireless functionality.

You can get a "Nanocode" for your high score in Arcade mode and then enter it at Nanostray.com :: Welcome to be ranked among the best in the world.

I love this game. If ya blink your dead. Tons of stuff coming at you at once.
Here is a video that i found of the game..

So sit back relax and watch the vid.
YouTube - Nanostray DS

Now I can't wait for NANOSTRAY 2..I pre-ordered it..:D


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I have always wanted to play it, but everytime I saw it the store only had one copy left, AND I HAD NO DAMN MONEY!!

now I cant find a copy of it!