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Babeasaurus Sex
Does anyone go here?

What do you think of it?

Personally its the yummiest chicken EVER!!!! And it's like cooked properly not broiled.

OMNOMNOM I like mine medium spiced <3



yellow 4!
I love Nando's! It's where I usually go with friends for birthdays etc, haven't actually been to the one up here in Leeds yet. There's two in town, I think.

Medium spiced too pour moi :)


I'm serious
I LOVE my Nando's. Mild is good, but I am often in the mood for the hot peri-peri.
It is by far the best chicken in the world. We have them all over in SA. There are more Nando's than there are KFC's! This makes me happy! :D


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Looks delicious...ladies, work on telling them to come to the States... :)


Where is my Queen?
Looks delicious...ladies, work on telling them to come to the States... :)

No kidding, the menu kind of looks like Buffalo Wild Wings but a whole lot better and cheaper. That place looks good. Now I am hungry.:p Gonna hop on my G6 and fly over there! :lol:
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I go all the time.

I love me a half a chicken with chips penaise dip nandos salad a drink and mixed nuts :)


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I have never been, but i've heard it's amazing. I know there is one in town near me, so i'll have to check it out at sometime.


Boom Boom Pow!
I've only ever been once to be honest and I thought it was pretty tasty! :D

I really really liked their chicken, but apart from that I can't remember much about being there haha.