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TV Nancy Grace


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If you are familiar with her and her nightly Tv show....what do you think of her??
Do you think she is a feisty crime fighter, seeking justice??
Or do you think she's got a cocky attitude and acts like a bitch??


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Nancy Grace is disgraceful & does not deserve to be in her position as a tv "host". In OUR country you're considered innocent until proven guilty, but not to THIS woman! She does her best to inflame viewers when she has no real info one way or the other. Take Casey Anthony. Her NAME is Casey Anthony, NOT "totmom", & that Grace cow should give her the basic respect of using her name! Grace picks & chooses what she wants to show to get her point across-she shows TWO pix of Casey partying, while ignoring scores of other pix showing Casey & Caylee as very loving & close. She's done the same thing to everyone she has on her show and I fail to understand how people get off on watching others be so mistreated by a bleached blonde talk show host!

And all those pathetic people calling in saying "oh we love you-oh your twins are precious", etc etc-people, her kids are NOT the point-her SHOW is and the way I hear people suck up to her is SICKENING! If one of those who suck up to her got into legal trouble, think that Grace cow would talk nicely about them cos they complimented her twins? No way-they'd get the whole "guilty" treatment from this overbearing know-it-all.

Its my dearest hope that Grace gets cancer of the throat & can no longer talk such trash about other people and their woes. I have never wished that on ANYONE before but this nasty-mouthed bleached blonde cow deserves it because of how she treats others.......
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[QUOTENancy Grace is disgraceful & does not deserve to be in her position as a tv "host"][/QUOTE]

I agree completely and she does treat people rudely and she can't wait for someone to answer a question without being ignorant toward them and she talks loud along with those same loud boring guests she has on and I also hate Joan Velez Mitchel for the exact same reasons and why is everyone shouting and yelling on JVM anyway.


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I love watching her show. I haven't watched it in a while but I use to watch it all the time. I actually loved watching her when the Casey Anthony trial but I believe the mom was guilty the entire time was well.


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I used to watch her show every single night.. I couldn't sleep if I hadn't seen it. I love the things she covers, they are the gruesome stories I want to hear.. Well, aside from her obsession with celebrities; I don't care for celebs. However, I do think she acts like a bitch, but it almost makes me laugh most of the time. Her show covers a lot of interesting facts and details, so I loved it for that. I haven't watched it in a very long time though, but now I'd like to.