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Nanaca Crash!!


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This is a fun, addictive game. The instructions are in Japanese, so I can't read them, but I've got a pretty good idea of everything. In the beginning, you click and hold the mouse when the arrow hits a good angle, then, you release when the power is as high as you can get it. After that, the guy you see will have a bike rammed into him and he'll go flying into the air, soon followed by crashing into all the people on the ground. Certain people will do certain things when crashed into. Some will boost you, some will slow you down, and some will stop you immediatelly, ending the game. While you're in the air, depending on the color of the words at the left, you may be able to use certainpowerups. One will send you colliding toward the ground, and the other will send you farther and faster.

My record is 2770.70.


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Staff member
I got 1,281.85 on my first turn. I don't reall understand how to do anything though. I haven't figured out how to use powerups yet though.


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you need to click your mouse button when you see the POWERUP appear on screen, and before the X appears over it.

Watch the upper left corner of the screen... you will notice it goes from 'grey' to 'blue' to 'red'

When its grey, you have no control...

When its blue, you can click the screen and get a boost in the down angle, You will notice that the 100% has gone down to 1% and a character appears on screen and gives you the boost.

When its red, it will give you a 'boost' to the up angle... you onlt have 3 of these, unless one of the guys you hit gives you a extra one (cross appears on screen with the words DEATH)

I tried again last night, couldnt beat 1800... I really need to get that screen up of my score so I can prove it can be done.... before that score my best was somewhere around 1900


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That was an interesting game, especially considering the 'instructions':lol:


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What do you mean the instructions were interesting? They were in another language. Obviously, the creators use that language much more than English.


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It was just a joke, sorry if anyone got offended.


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that game was alright. i didn't get a very high score and i remeber it anyway. it got kinda boring after a while :tired: