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La Coquette
I just started getting into this anime about two girls the same age in the same town and having the same name, but a totally different personality for both!

The manga had recently been introduced in Shojo Beat and I was hooked line and sinker from the get go. The personality melding in the comic and the fact one was a kick ass singer just got me. I love music...

But it is a girly show but all in all very good. I'm here not only to introduce you to Nana but also ask questions? What do you think of Nana, if you've seen it? Also do you know where I can get any of the music from?


acidmix said:
I really like nana! I guess thats kinda obvious though.

I still like it. I've been reading ahead of the manga in shojo beat by reading the scanlations and I really like the story up until volume 08 of the manga its starting to get a little to dramatic for me :'(. I'll probably keep reading it though just to see what happens. I also really like the music in the anime though I have no clue as to where to go get it though. I still haven't watched the movie yet.

I think Ai Yazawa is a great manga-ka not only is Nana awesome but so is Paradise Kiss and I really want to read Ai Yazawa's other mangas when the come to the US. I've also started to collect Nana stuff. I got the Nana tribute cd, a poster that has all the members of black stones and trapnest plus a pillow.
I plan on getting more once I get some more money. Importing is very expensive.


Likes snow
I read Nana, I've only gotten through volume 2 though. How does it compare to ParaKiss in the later volumes?


Paradise Kiss doesn't seem nearly as dramatic. Also Paradise Kiss is very short where Nana is very long. Its kinda hard to compare them with out spoilers.


I didn't find the anime all that great,really.
The movie,though,is a completely different story.
The cenematograhy of the movie wasn't really good,It looked like your everyday t.v show (soaps)
But the story and the character's expressions at some instances were really deep and exceptional(considering only j-movies).Not to mention there was some good j-rock music that went along well.
The movie only focuses on the present,not their past or future.
It was a good watch.


i like the live action for this series...the manga is also good...haven't been able to finish it yet though...been reading other things lately....i started watching the anime...but i haven't watched it in awhile...I love ai yazawa's artwork but i feel the anime juss looks stranger...I love her manga's parakiss and kagen no tsuki...but not much a fan of the anime itself. but i really want to see kagen no tsuki live action juss gotta find it first