naming folders

I want to know why cannot we give afolder the name "con"?
if you donnot understand follow this
go to desktop
right click
new folder
write the name "con"
press enter
the name now is "newfolder" not "con"
thank you......


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That's weird. I just tried this myself and you are right. It didn't let me do it.

I have no idea why it isn't allowed though.


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I didn't know that. I would have tested it but I'll just trust Hybrix and google this time. Hmm, that sounded bad...not that I don't trust you essa :lol: but it could have been a prank, and I'm glad it isn't.


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Oh cool, I just did it aswell, thats weird, I thought it would be a reserve name or somthing like that, a batch file called con or somthing. May I just ask though how did you come across this and why were you trying to name a folder con ?


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Cannot Create Windows Folder Named Con

Good old google. It's a reserved name in windows. No clue what it is used for, but there's several other names that do the same thing.
That's what I suspected, but I still wonder why they picked that one for the reserved list. Makes no sense to me.

I could understand reserving "Icon" but not just "Con".


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Wow that's crazy, something I never knew, not like I really need to know it. Haven't tried it myself, just going off from what you guys are saying :p