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How much attachment do you have with your name?

I'm currently thinking of changing my middle name to something more whimsical and interesting legally, but I'm wondering if anyone here would balk at such an idea.

This isn't 'do you like your name?' but 'do you have a reason to not change it for one reason or another?'.


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I'm personally very attached to my name, especially my middle name which was my grandpa's first name. In fact I like my middle name so much I plan on just inverting my name for my childs name (Thomas Eric to Eric Thomas - pending its a boy).

My last name, no way in hell I'd change it again. I've already been through quite the hassle going through the process of a legal name change and wouldnt care to attempt it again for most any compensation.
I wouldn't change my name just because it's too much hassle, and I don't mind my name. After that other thread about names got me thinking, I would love to change my surname, but there's no real reason for me to.

Name name name name.


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I have no attachment to my first name. I despise it with a passion, and I tell everybody (or my friends, at least) to call me by another name that I... like better.


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I like my name. I guess it comes from growing up telling a million people how to spell it. I actually can't help but to have a slight dislike for someone if they have my name spelled different. Caitlin is the correct way for any baby namers.


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I won't change my name, I'm happy with Jason, and Lopez as my last name, since I'm half German to, would have been cool to have a German last name, but hey lol


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I'm really attached to my name, mostly because I like it so much. Also, it is my maternal grandma's name (I don't really know her, but still), and it used to be my mom's middle name (long story on why it "used" to). I don't really care for my middle name, but I don't dislike it enough to change it. And I really like my last name cause it isn't common here in Texas. :) But I'll either change it or hyphenate it when I'm married.


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I'm not attached to my first or last name, but I do really like my middle name. I doubt I'd ever change my first name since that's what most people call me, but I would have no problem changing my last name.
I'd change my first name, always correcting the wrong spelling from other people drives me up the wall. I use my middle name over my first, it too common spell wrong and it's simple enough for the working invironment.