rainbow 11!
So what is everyone's first name here?

Do you like it?

If not, what would you change it to?

My name is Kayleigh. I've been told (but never confirmed) that it's Gaelic for dance. Which is pretty cool.

I like my name, for I am content with it.

Edit: I forgot about nicknames. Mention any you want to share with us. I'll let you guys know my nicknames later. :D
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My name is karim, and im pretty sure it means "generous" in arabic.

My nickname is "Peachez"

(Like Peaches and Cream)

Love 'em both.



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My first name is Brad but everyone calls me by my middle name(Tyler). And yes, I like my name.

I was named after my mom's OBGYN(Brad).
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Mine is Ross and no nicknames have been found :O

Edit: My friends call me Hanzo or Bite

Hanzo: Cause I know alot about this guy and used it alot for usernames

Bite: still not sure but I love it :D
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