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PC Games Name Zanosa - your associations?


New Member
The beginning player from Russia. I want to name the hero - Zanosa. In Russian it - a wooden splinter.
What associations at you with word Zanosa?
I shall be glad to any your conversation.


Registered Member
It sounds like the name of a boss that'd be in Zelda. Ha, I'm way off, aren't I? Oh well, like Andrew said, it sounds cool. If it sounds cool, then nobody will care what it means and say it's a cool name. Like the poor gullible fools they (and me if I hadn't found out what it meant) are.


Secret Agent
Staff member
I use the name Hybrix in a lot of online games just based on the fact that it sounds cool. People generally don't care what names mean. Heck, most people don't even care what other people's names are lol!