Name your next pet?


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That would be Spazz..We are getting another cat on Friday (so now there is 4 cats) and this thing is a ball of energy and just won't shut up..

So I think Spazz is a good name for him.
I think Spazz is an awesome name for him.


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I want to get a mouse. I'll call him Sam, and train him to sit on my shoulder so I can walk around the house with him :lol:

However, my granddad feeds some cat who comes here all the time, so I'll have to be careful.


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I love how chihuahua's always end up getting stupid names..... thats so awesome

speaking of stupid names for a dog; One of my friends in school had a dog named "Diogee" pronounced Dee-Oh-Gee hahaha, I thought that was clever because if said fast enough it actually sounds sort of like an exotic name.


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I've decided that a good name for a dog would be Whiskey. Especially, say, a Jack Russel, white with brown splodges. *Shrugs*


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Why Turd and Tard? That's so mean. :(
Yes those sound like cat names...

After already naming our dog we came up with some more suitable names for him, but decided to leave it as 'Marley'.

We wanted to change it to squirrel since he is such a little spaz..
That or rocket man.. Don't ask (after something that happens to him when he's excited..)
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