Name Some Futuristic Inventions that Could Make Your Life a Whole Lot Easier


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What will the future be like? What inventions do you think we will have? Are they good? Bad? Furthermore, what futuriistic inventions do you wish we have now? Who will it benefit? How will it be beneficial? How'd you think of it?

This is totally weird, but I wish that there was a mutant kinda gene that some humans have! Like X-Men! That movie(s) rocked! Does that count as an invention? Nope! But we can pretend!

Are there any movies or books that display how you see (what could be protrayed as) the future? Were they good? I need a good book and/or movie...


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Well, I read Uglies not that long ago. It was about people becoming beautiful with a operation they get at 16. It was supposed to help with bullying, war, and other such things. But come to find out that the scientists that did it were also changing the way they think to control them. Very good book and very futuristic.


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In the future we will have the most advanced technology and shall be able to complete tasks that would normally take us from minutes to hours to do.

We will be able to travel from one place to another within seconds and motor transportation will be a thing of the past.

Energy sources will be fully recyclable and in an infinite supply.

However everyone and everything will all be composed of CG graphics and editing effect living in a digital world that is not our own.


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People will figure out teleportation sooner or later. It'll be like Dane Cook said..."Hurry up! I need to get to work in 5 seconds!" something like that

Or I read an article about nanotechnology that they've developed that could repair nerve cells, which can't be repaired naturally....I don't think. I'd definitely need some of those.


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A world like Xenosaga wouldn't be too bad to live in if I could fight Gnosis like the gang^^; I would hate to depend on technology to do everything for me so I become like a couch potato or something ><; Enormus Spaceships with continents inside of them with Weapons galore to boot, now that would be awesome!


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The eradication of all infections and diseases through a drug cocktail adminstrated to the fetus before birth.


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Maybe something that takes less. Maybe faster transport, it would be better because now we have transport that takes ages to arrive on the preffered destination. And time machines, I would love to go to the past and fix the bad things I have


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And use it on teachers

And I would like to have the remote from "click"....Rewind..look at my past..that would be good