TV Name Me Seven

Can you name seven better one-hour primetime dramas than Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles that air on the FOX network? Why would they cancel it? You mean out of the seven nights, they couldn't find one hour of primetime to fit this in? TV sucks. Ha.
I know, it's been cancelled since April, I'm late to the party, sue me. Haha.
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It's not me, it's you.
Fox is notorious for canceling really good TV Firefly. Sometimes I don't even bother watching some of their series because of it.
I know, you get all invested in it and then boom, they pull the plug. Bastards. I guess that's why Showtime, HBO and FX are better, ratings are still important, but they don't make or break a show - at least not as much. FOX gets a little trigger happy when a show shows even a slight dip in the ratings.