Name changes for sub-talk can...


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suck my dick. Seriously what the fuck is hematochezia.

Im going to guess it is a venereal disease.


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You miss the real meat behind this marketing ploy --> If you don't like the current name, you could always donate $5.00/24hrs. to change it back to "Sub-Talk". :lol:
I'd much prefer a name change over the really dull and boring "sub-talk"


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Hematochezia is actually bloody shit. I'd imagine that it'd look like a big puddle of Darth Maul in a toilet.

But a general rule of thumb, anytime that a word starts with "hema" it's going to be about blood.


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I don't see what's so all-fired precious about the name Sub-Talk. Considering that the section is chockablock with fail threads like this one, Bloody Shit seems far more apt.