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If you were going to change your first name, what would it be?

I think I would go for Luke, simple and I like the sound of it.


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I am fairly happy with my current name, Aleks. It's cool, simple and short.

But if I had to change it, I would go with Daniel, it's my middle name, so close enough. But I know I can use Daniel as my name despite it being my middle name but I like Aleks better.


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Yes, I've always wanted my middle name to be my primary name, so sometimes I just add it on to my first name and say the whole thing is my name! It is! But I would pick something like... Lune, or Elfie. There are chinese exchange students in my town right now and those are two of the girls! They're so lucky to have super cool names!


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I quite like my existing frist name.

Although if I was to change it I would probably go for Christian. Always liked that name, hopefully I can name my son that one day!


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I'd change my name to Cthulhu Iron Oxhide. All as the first name, with the spacings and everything.

Best name ever.


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I would change it to Aditi. It means bondless and freedom.


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I'd change mine to Tommy. It's what i was going to be called until my grandfather said he'd never look at me or speak to me if i was called it... Strange fellow. So they decided to change to Ciaran!
I always liked the names Remy and Kai. Though, I don't have the look for either and I guess it wouldn't really fit on me. Meh. I'll still pick one of them. I'll probably get responses such as "Is that your REAL name!?", then I can break the ice with why I changed my name.
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I've always been a fan of Eli or Langdon, if I ever have a boy I'm probably going to call my son one of those names. But that's if I marry a english girl and not a french one.