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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by raye_raye, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. raye_raye

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    since single, i recently started growing out my nails, not something I'm accustomed to doing. My only problem is that my nails seem really thin and weak, they always break on the sides and sometimes even start to spil like two overlapping nails meeting only in the middle. does this happen to anyone or does anyone have any suggestions to make my nails stronger?

  2. Bliss

    Bliss Sally Twit

    Moisturise your nails and cuticles often, avoid biting them and picking at them, buy something that strengthens them - there's heaps of stuff out there.

    Apparently, too much water is really bad for nails too. You should moisturise as soon as you've had a bath/shower/washed your hands.
  3. ysabel

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    I noticed that too. Too much water seems to make it more fragile, but they do grow long faster.

    I always keep my nails short now because I have no time to look after them (or paint them). I also don't want to accidentally scratch my baby.
  4. agphoenix

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    Mine fall off due to too many showers as well. So now I just bite them.

  5. vampirebloom

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    to much water and hard work, that's what kills mine, it's easier to have them shorter and then i can look after them
  6. Jeanie

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    fingernails are just keratinized skin cells. for healthy skin and hair, it's as simple as eating a healthy, well-balanced diet
  7. EndWinterRomance

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    my nails grow super fast and super hard because i jam them in doors a lot and i drink a lot of water and never paint them or anything..... and i tear them not bite or clip them.... but the best is to slam them in doors
  8. Jeanie

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    you know, I used to be an idiot, then i started slamming my head in the door, smartened me right up. must work the same for nails...
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  9. EndWinterRomance

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    i didnt know i actually needed to use sarcasm tags here cause i figured most people would get it..... but alas apparently i do.
  10. Iris

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    You could stop masturbating.
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