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We get the best aged cheese we can buy and just load a hill of nachos with it, then stick it in the oven for a little while. There is something about picking up a nacho heavy with excellent cheddar, redolent with the scent, and salty and oily and dry all at once, that just makes us coming back for more. We usually make it about an hour or two after dinner when we're in the middle of a really good movie. We're not so hungry we actually fight each other for the nachos, but hungry enough to enjoy.


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who doesn't love nachos? they're so quick and easy. only require 3 things; tortilla chips, cheese, and salsa!


Son of Liberty
hell they dont really even Require Salsa.

When I've worked the Snack Bars at Rec-League baseball / softball games its usually a 5 pound bag of tortilla chips and then a Cheese Melting Machine that oozes the Cheese over top.

God I love Nacho Cheese.... I could hold my face under that cheese machine and give myself 3rd degree Burns of Cheesy Yumminess.


I just went to buy some nachos as soon as I saw this thread. I love them but I had forgotten about them, this week.
I always make sure to drink them with cola.


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Anybody here ever heard of a snack called haystacks??
You can use nacho chips or Frito chips, then put a layer of warm chili on top, then cheese, then a dab of sour cream...and whatever else you might like.
So good!
The cheese gets gooey with the chili which somewhat softens the chips.
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