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Nintendo 64 N64 vs orignal Playstation who had the better graphics?


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The general following seems to be that people think the 64 was, visually, far better than the PSone. If Sony had come into the gaming arena in any time OTHER than the birth of decent 3D on a home consoles, I believe Sony would have bombed. I'm not really basing that on anything, Sony did do a lot of ads and stuff which certainly did the job, but thier timing was just... well it couldn't have been any better.


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N64 for sure.. I really hated the PS fanboys back in the day.. all they had were japanese rpgs and mgs.


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Playstation games all look like they try to hard to have good graphics. Makes one wonder what other characteristics of the game they might have overlooked to get those graphics, and that's never a comfortable feeling.


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I really hated all fanboys back in the day... all they had was saying "all you have is japanese rpgs and mgs" and "all you have is happy fluffy bunny land."

Not an insult, just pointing out that you're kind of making yourself look like a Nintendo fanboy.


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i'm gonna have to go with the N64 because the images looked much clearer and smoother than the ps1


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My tv has the better graphics, of course.

No, seriously, I like PS graphics better than N64.


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I was never much off a fan of the Playstation at all.

So, in graphics wise the N64 is far much better, putting aside all its perks.
Since the N64 was the father of 3D gaming IMO.