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Nintendo 64 N64 Look


Registered Member
That's a sweet system. I bet the buttons were hard to get right. Though I think you might have neglected the back a bit. Looks like the green paint is much thinner back there. I can kinda see through it.

You didn't paint the controllers did you? I'm guessing those were as is. :D


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I've got me a standard grey system with 2 grey controllers and a atomic purple controller.


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Atomic purple is nice. That's the see through one right, with some kind of extra pad cushion or something? I faintly remember playing with one that my friends owned, but it was defective, so we didn't use it much.
I've just got a regular black system, with a grey controller (that I recently bought from nintendo.com actually), a blue controller, a green controller, and a gold controller.


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I have the regular black system with gray, blue, and red controllers.