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Ant On A Log

Does anyone else like the myth busting action of Jamie and Adam like I do?


For a Free Scotland
I need to get my physics teacher to start using some of their stuff. Usually he uses stuff from movies, which is actually in many cases less interesting. (except the time he used Predator to teach us about heat vision).

Jungle Jim

its pretty fun to watch, but for some reason i cant stand that asian guy...


For a Free Scotland
Grant? He's really a clear-cut SFX guy, obviously not someone used to being put in front of a camera.His front teeth are also crooked, I just can't help but notice that.

He also built a bitchin' BattleBot, so it evens out.


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I sometimes watch it when i am interested and when the damn science teacher sets us to do it

I enjoy watching it..The Buster when he gets blown up..ETC


yea I enjoy it once in awhile I think its on discovery channel right?.. well its a cool interesting show that deals with a lot of urban myths.. but some of the myths I didnt even know about.
It's one of my favorite shows. It has an awesome blend of science and explosions. Some of the things they do are hilarious.

My personal favorite myths are the "Bullets Fired Up" myth and the "Celing Fan Decapitaion" myth. The "Bulletproof Water" myth is also really cool.