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Mystical Fantasy Signature


Fantasy Avatar:

Fantasy Signature:

Fantasy Signature (Re-sized):

C&C Please. Also if anyone wants this please just tell me and then take it rofl. :D hope everyone likes this one I spent alot of time on it messing with lighting and effects.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
On the day of destruction Omega said let there be light....and there was light, very bright lights that shined from his sig^^

It's like whoa...dare I say it, pretty. I like it!*pokes it* But the girl's face looks interesting with half of it dark, and quite out of place. Which is awesome. It looks like she is in outer space too, noone can ever get effects like that right when they try to do something like that with night. Hey Omega try something I've heard from a friend though, make a matching set but always try to make the avatar abstract but yet still blend and go along with the sig so the avie doesn't look bleh. Not saying that yours is though. The only thing I don't like is the rectangles, get rid of them, they make the sig look just wrong. Seriously. Okay...back into cheery mode <.<. Like it Omega though, so I expect to see more designs like this!:D