Mystic Swordsman Lv 2(MSLV2), Monday July 31st 2006

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Mystic Swordsman LV2 is a side deck staple. No matter what deck I make or run I always try to make room for MSLV2.

I find MSLV2 to be exactly what I need when going up against a lot of decks. When facing off the standard CC I some times like to put this in along with both Nobleman Of Cross out or just switch it up. It gives set monster no chance and if I switch it up it wont give Return From The Different Dimension (RFTDD) the steam it needs. In a meta that’s still sees a standard of at least 4 RFTDD in the top 8 this is some thing you may want to consider.

When facing off a burn deck this is my personal pick. I tend to side this in to kill off Stealth Birds and every other Burn monster that may stand in my way. It really is great too, seeing as how it gets under Gravity Bind and Level Limit - Area B. MSLV2 is the perfect pick against burn for me so I side board 2.

Trust me when I say this when facing off any deck that plays a lot of face down monsters you may want to invest some time in this.

Traditional: 2-5
Advanced: 3-5
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