Mystery Sports Car???

Hey all, this is the seller of the Mystery Sports Car. It was indeed pulled but is now relisted as item # 4541830802 in the motors section. When pulled, it had 5300 hits, 56 bids, 325 watchers and had made it to eBay pulse! Now, in the first few hours of the new listing, it's already up to 15 bids! I encourage you all to check it out. Thanks for the invite!

Forehead Guy: It's now yours to win! :grin:
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Having been cancelled three times now - all for differenent reasons - it's now been relisted for what I hope will be its fourth and final time:

I really don't understand why eBay is giving me such a hard time on this one, but look forward to completing it successfully. If anyone sees a problem with my "email for clues" idea, let me know, otherwise I think it'll work.