Mystery Snack Pudding Box???

Discussion in 'Money & Investing' started by Nightsurfer, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. Nightsurfer

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  2. jumbobingo

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    Wow.. this is getting crazy..
  3. SamusAran86

    SamusAran86 Registered Member

    this is certainly a weird one... it involves "cards"... Im suspecting its sports stuff, as I know no other cards worth over 300 dollars
  4. Mirage

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  5. jesudason55

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    Re: Mystery Snack Pudding Box #2

    I think she just really got lucky...............LOL
  6. ilovemysteries

    ilovemysteries Registered Member

    Re: Mystery Snack Pudding Box #2

    Ebay ended this auction too.

    On the first version of the auction, the cards were listed. They were gift cards from various stores, etc. - Target, WalMart, Outback, etc. I think that list is one of the reasons it was pulled.
    Version 3 is now running. For the latest permutation on the pudding auction, go to:
    And be sure to add it to your watch list!
  7. kennon07

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    Re: Mystery Snack Pudding Box #2

    Hey, It's me the Mystery Pudding Lady. I'm hoping that the third time is, you know, the charm. Please watch and help us be #1 again. I appreciate all the support. As stated in my auction, I'm honest, just not very bright!! I think (hope) I've figured out Ebay rules now. I sure am trying. A special thanks to 2 sweet guys..... Ernie & Andrew. Many blessings to all of you, Pam

    Hey, I was wondering how I got lucky??? Ebay has gotten me twice. I don't feel very lucky right now. Maybe soon...... Thanks for watching, Pam (Pudding Lady)

    Hey, You are exactly right. I'm still learning all the Ebay rules, I guess. I'm trying again to sell my pudding!! Ya'll keep watching and keep your fingers crossed that I can make it 3 days!! HA Take care, Pam (Pudding)
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  8. Mirage

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    Re: Mystery Snack Pudding Box #2

    Mind sharing what they got you for so the rest of us can watch out for the same mistakes? (And good luck on the new one!)
  9. kennon07

    kennon07 Registered Member

    Re: Mystery Snack Pudding Box #2

    Of course I will, for you Andrew!! The first one that they pulled was for an "inappropriate title". First time for me.... inappropriate....ha! The title had "gift cards" written it. The second one they called me on my cell phone to tell me they were pulling it. I asked why and they said GIFT CARDS. I said that the auction was for a PUDDING BOX!! But they said after reading all the comments that it looked like it "might" have gift cards in it and that was against Ebay policies. I tried to argue in my sweet southern drawl.... but it was a woman..... and she was NOT impressed. I am astounded that ebay has time to read the comments on MY auction. So they pulled it, at #1, 500 watching and almost $800 in bids. I don't see it recovering from that! So if any of you sweet people have any connections, I could sure use your help. I won't/can't say this on ebay but the $ was going for a surprise trip to Disney World for my sweet children, who deserve it !! No not sickness, thank goodness, just pleasure for my 4 kids. Anyway..... if I mess up again she said they will suspend me. So I'm counting on all of you to let me know if/when I say the wrong thing. The amazing thing is I'm as honest as they come and yet I KEEP GETTING IN TROUBLE!! Thank you all. I enjoy learning from you. Blessings, Pam
  10. joyners

    joyners Registered Member


    Doing good so far but like I mentioned to you, watch what you say in the updates and comments.

    I can't believe you put this up and are getting more bids and hits than even mine... snicker

    Well good luck southern lady. And remember the one with the accent depends on which side of the phone you are on. lol

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