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    I'll add to this as I get time, but here are the mystery shopping leads I use:

    1)Volition Forums:
    Under Post/Read openings schedulers are begging for people to apply for specific jobs

    2) Volition List:
    Every legit mystery company in the US. Beware, most applications are long and tedious. I'd also rec getting an email to use only for the MS.

    Search by state. Most MS companies reccommend you getting silver certified through MSPA.

    4)Shop n'Click
    Walmart, SAMS, Office Depot


    ..I'll posts more later! gotta go.

    I was asked about fees the MS pay. Here are recent examples. Keep in mind, this might be higher becuase I'm in AK. I'm not going to use company names, because I'm not suppose to discuss this type of info:

    shopping club - free membership+$10, 6 page yes/no, 30 min

    coffee shop - free coffe+$7, 1 page report, 10 min + they gave me a really nice digital scale

    fast food - free food+$8, 2 page yes/no

    window treatment manufacture - $19, 30 min, 10 page report

    health food store - $29, preform full audit of store and submit digital pics to MS detailing problems. I can't wait for this one! I get to walk in the store, hand the manager a piece of paper saying its audit day and walk around shooting the store with my camera. 1-3hours + report.

    just some examples. Sometimes you get almost nothing. Other times, you get paid very well. Mostly its low paying, but if you are already there, why not?
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    These guys pay really well.

    **If you are overwhelmed, I'd start with #3 MSPA and #1 Volition forums.

    **I'd also get roboform or some other software that will quickly fill in your name, address, phone#,etc....

    **About 1/2 of the shops want you to submit a SS# when applying. There have been a few that I didn't submit my SS to. Generally if they are listed on volition or MSPA, I'll give out my SS#. Just be careful.
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    Cool! THANKS!

    Now I will add words cuz what I said was too short :D
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    I was a mystery shopper for a while (technically I am still employed there too, but I haven't taken any projects for a while. They paid $12 an hour though so it's pretty nice). I also did store auditing too. I have been around many different types of jobs lol!
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    ....and now you have that McDonalds do get around! :lol:
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    I got an email yesterday from a company that I work for that just picked up a big contract. They said they had spots open nationwide and wouldn't mind me posting their information:

    This is my favorite shop to work for. They do a certain fast service coffee shop that is very good. I am constanly getting free Mochas and $9 to boot.

    Go under the contact us tab.
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