Mystery safe again..


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fairyquadmother said:
Looks like the mystery safe on Overstock is not doing nearly as well, even tho it's had 17555 hits!

It's at $25,500, a steal if that box is really worth a million. Too bad I don't have $26,000 laying around. I guess I could sell a grilled cheese sandwich or something :p

Guess you all havent' looked at it.... it has now over 38 bid and it is at 138k still has 4 days.. so it may make it.My sis got it under control........ I have her on my auction selling the keychain and info...........for free. Anything to help her out.
Isn't that what friends are for. I would do it for all here.
(she and I are good friends we call each other all the time and we say we are sister, man no resemblance at all.)