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Mystery Meat Found To Be...


New Member
Howdy all...

Please allow me to introduce myself...I'm A Man of Wealth & Taste.

So zzZzuP...I'm pretty much timid to post in this forum...having read just a few of the rules it seems to me...well...according to the rules...I can't say what I think...ok...np...I'll jus stick with "Hi"

I'm off to see if I can find a place to post something without twisting anyone's panties uP in here...

Somebody be sure to tell me whatz good here...


Yesterday I was walking past this woman that was eating something outta some tupperware...I spoke to her...nothing more than to acknowledge her presents...then I asked her if I could have some of whatever it was that she was eating...whatz in that mystery meat...


Wanna play?
Hey Stepper welcome.
I think we all pretty much say what we think, we just keep it clean.

I'm a little curious about the "mystery meat" short story you started...there is more to it right?


Secret Agent
Staff member
Welcome. You can say what you think as long as you aren't flaming and bashing people. We try to keep things fun here for everyone. As long as you do the same you will be fine. Welcome. :)


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Well Hi there Stepper, Welcome to AF. It's nice to see all the new names. Welcome to all new members.
I will be one of your guides to the strange, unusual, and just plain weird.
Other wise known to as eBAY.!!:-o :lol:

So turn on. Sign in. And trip out.!!!:lol:

And don't to forget to have fun while you are at it.:nod:

see ya on the boards.................