Mystery Louis Vuitton Rurse???

Hay Night,
This one is a good read, been watching it nearly since the start!
I wish Him all the $$ possible on that auction.
This a super web site (lurking for a while now and I look forward to learning more and utilizing all the options (MY1st post right here!)


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Nightsurfer said:
Well hi there nice to see you again. I was just wandering around eBay this afternoon when I came across this one. So take a peek and tell us what you think

Till next time............................ :warp:

Ohhh I like this one! Better than the other scorned hubby for sure! Jessica Simpson as her idol??? :eek:hno: Going to go ponder that one for awhile.........

And welcome Act! (and thank you for being older than me :D )
Yeah I know why it was YANKED. Cause of people's big mouths. No one likes a auction that "gets" recognition. Oh well. I am down but not out. Like I said the whole time.......Jealousy kills.
Thanks for everyones support.

***[highlight]Please do not post your own auctions in other people's threads. Also, not until you are Level 3.[/highlight]***
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Hey Shawn,
Were you getting evil emails from a "not very well liked monkey guy"?
I am...he prolly complains about us... I know you said you had a problem with hateful emails... I don't even wanna THINK about hitting the pulse again...yer right about recognition...gets you pulled!
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i enjoyed watching this auction. i wish i could have afforded it, i really liked the purse! did anyone find out what was in it?
Hi, No it wasn't a monkey person. I really can't say who it was there were so damn many. I am glad that most did like the auction. IF, I am reinstated which after the email they got yesterday and today they should see that I am an INNOCENT man! Good auctions will get pulled!!! And for me posting on my own thread and level 3 and all dat jazz...........who cares bud. Get your auction ripped and see if you would give a dam.
Shawn <----Reason to be PO'ED. :warp: